What is it about?

Mysterious Games mission is to immerse you in an interactive story filled with puzzles that you will need to solve. It is mid-way between an Escape the Room adventure or real life The Game (the movie). Starting from a full online mission, You will discover puzzles intertwined with your real life, wondering what is part of the game or not. Are you up for the challenge?
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How much do you charge?

It's completely free! Relax and enjoy your mysterious experience, play as many games as you want. We sincerely hope you will like being immersed in each adventure and challenged to solve the mysteries.

What kind of puzzle should I expect?

Our puzzles are based on a whole range of knowledge. It could be history, physics, mathematics, simple logic, science, computer science or even books and movies lore. You will have to think outside of the box. You can, and it’s recommended, use internet and any other tools you might need to solve a puzzle. For example, it’s common to have puzzles that can be solved with Maps or Wikipedia but don’t limit your thoughts! You will always learn something by solving the puzzles.

Do I have to solve all the puzzles in order?

It depends on the story. Sometimes the puzzles will be linear and you will need to solve one before moving on. Some other times you will have access to multiple puzzles and you can solve them in the order you want. The goal being to solve all of them to move forward. Ah, and of course sometimes you will have puzzles based on a previous puzzle or content: always correlate whatever you think can be part of the story.

What should I do when I have found an answer?

There should be an obvious way to enter puzzles’ solution: it could be on the same web page with a visible text field or a click on an element will open a page where you can enter your solution. Sometimes you might have to send an email to someone. Finding how to validate an hypothesis is also part of the game.

Can I play cooperatively with others?

Short answer: Yes. It’s even recommended. Mysterious Games encourages to play in team, it’s more fun. You can also share your thoughts or seek help on the forum (don't post spoilers please). However, DO NOT share credentials, or very specific answers: the details might be specific to the person playing and will not be the same for everybody. Furthermore the answer could be your own identification, sharing it will identify the player as YOU. It’s better to share how to get to the answer.

I just received a strange email/text, is that part of the game?

Who knows? Anything happening after you clicked “Start” is fair game. However, we will NEVER ask you for any sort of credentials not related to Mysterious Games. NEVER, EVER.

About Mysterious Games

Mysterious Games mission is to entertain you. We strive to create challenging puzzles, even very challenging sometimes. We hope to provide you with hours of gameplay for you, your family and your friends. Play as a team, climb the leaderboard and have fun! Mysterious Games will release new games regularly, always different. If you would like to suggest a specific theme please send an email to suggestion@mysterious.games.


  • Get more information, ask any questions and get hints on our Forum. Remember to not give a solution in plain text but use the spoiler tag.

  • A problem with the web site or a technical issue?
    Send us an email: support@mysterious.games (Please no question on the games themselves.)

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